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What to Write on Your Medical ID

by alertinstye on November 18, 2010 in Health


Once you have been informed that a medical ID is to be worn, the next step is to decide the information that is to be engraved on your medical ID. In case you are a nurse or a doctor or even if you work for a medical ID company, you won’t find the task difficult at all but for everybody else it may seem to be quite difficult.

StickyJ for example understands the importance of all this in case there is an emergency. They are available at each step while you get your medical ID engraved.

Keep in mind that when there’s a medical emergency you may not be able to talk and that medical ID may save your life. You wear it to be your voice when you don’t have one. That’s why you need to have engraved on the medical ID tags all the data the professionals will need when they arrive on the scene. Put medication names on, but make sure you say whether it’s because you’re taking it or because you’re allergic to it. Write “Taking Sulfa” and not “Allergic to Sulfa” if you’re on that medication.

If only one number for a contact is listed, you do not need to indicate if it is for a cell or work number. The type of phone can be stipulated by using

  • [C] for cell phone
  • [W] for work
  • [H] for home and
  • [DR] for your physician.

To help legibility, keep lines evenly spaced and limit the number of characters used, so that text size can remain large. For example, say “Peanut Allergy” rather than “Allergic to Peanuts”. All emergency tags, bracelet and charms can be custom engraved at no additional cost. Old torn up wallet cards are no longer an issue. Your medical information will now be accessible to emergency personnel at all times, with our without having a phone present.

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