Lewy Body Dementia – the Overlooked Form of Dementia

by alertinstye on September 28, 2012 in Alzheimer

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People that are affected by Lewy Body Dementia display behaviors of violent and irrational bouts of anger; which makes it particularly difficult to deal with from a care takers perspective.

These ‘ anger episodes ‘ are caused by vivid hallucinations that seem to be very real to the affected person.

While it’s a not particularly rare form of dementia ( About 1.3 million people — considerably more men than women — have Lewy body dementia, named for the scientist who identified these protein deposits in the brain.) – It’s seems to be one of the most misdiagnosed ones. Partly because some symptoms show similarity with Parkinson’s-like physical impairment (slowness, abnormal gait and rigidity).

“People can appear drowsy or sleeping, have staring spells, think illogically and incoherently — and these episodes wax and wane, lasting seconds or minutes or hours. And they’re unpredictable,”

“The sheer onslaught of symptoms, the fast decline, the sleep deprivation are all particularly hard on family caregivers, even after they figure out what’s wrong. “Physically and emotionally, it starts to beat on you,”

Lewy Body Dementia Association
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